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From STARLOG MAGAZINE #246, January 1998

Stories about ordinary people receiving god-like powers appear with an almost predictable regularity within the genre. The trick is to come up with something that will hold the reader’s interest.

Brenda Clough deserves appreciation for making the trick work. Her character of Robert Lewis grabs for sympathy with both hands as he slowly comes to grips with a power that is at first enviable, but which soon brings a weight as great as its reach. The story isn’t so much focused on what Lewis finds himself able to do, but how his new abilities turn his world upside down and stretch his soul out of proportion. This isn’t some super-genius, or a meta-human possessing cosmic wisdom, but an ordinary Joe being raked over the coals. A man who eventually finds himself face-to-face with the fountainhead of human myth. The story’s as old as the genre itself, but Clough’s telling makes it worthwhile. Writers within the comic book industry, take note.

by Michael Wolff

Last modified 3 December 1997