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An Impossumble Summer

Rianne, Abe, and Shannon are miserable. They hate their new house at first sight, there don't seem to be any kids in the neighborhood, and their parents have told them that life in Virginia means chores and helping out, things they didn't have to do in Manila.

Then they meet the Impossumble, a crusty, magical opossum. Because Riane and Shannon have rescued her from the wild animal exhibit at the pet farm, the Impossumble grudgingly grants them a little bit of luck. At first, everything seems great! After all, when you can suddenly win the lottery what could possibly be wrong? Unforunately, lots. Rianne, Abe, and Shannon soon learn there's no such thing as free magic. Will the be able to pay the price?

©1996,1997 Brenda and Larry Clough Last modified 15 February 2004