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Larry Clough


Indeed the stars in the sky and their constellations
no longer shine;
the sun is darkened as soon as it rises
and the moon does not shed forth its light.

Brenda's Web Page

I update Brenda's web page as I have spare time. Please send us mail if you notice any particularly egregious errors.

My concept is that pages should load fast and be reasonably accessible by a variety of browsers. I have used tables, but not frames. As much as possible, I've put large graphics on their own pages. I use emacs to edit html and Firefox as my primary browser. Occasionaly I check out the pages with Intenet Explorer.

Brenda's website is 20 years old. When we moved the site from SFF.net to JaguarPC, I took a small step into the 21st Century by introducing Cascading Style Sheets.

Laurie Mann's Home Page was my initial source of inspiration for creating this site.

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